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Dialed in on Time Pieces

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Dial Dealers is a prominent player in the luxury timepiece industry, specializing in wholesale, trading, and liquidation services. As a reputable dealer, we take pride in connecting businesses and retailers, offering an extensive range of exquisite luxury wrist watches at competitive prices.

At Dial Dealers, our mission is clear: to provide our valued clients with a seamless and efficient way of buying and selling luxury watches - in bulk or individually. We understand the importance of swift transactions and fair pricing, and we strive to foster long-term partnerships based on trust and reliability.


With years of experience in the luxury watch market, Dial Dealers has built an extensive network of retailers, authorized dealers, and trusted sellers. Join hands with Dial Dealers today and embark on a successful journey in the wholesale luxury watch market. As your dedicated broker and liquidator, we are committed to supporting your business needs and exceeding your expectations. Experience the convenience and reliability of working with a trusted partner in Dial Dealers.


Let us help you make every second count!

Services we offer



With wide selection and competitive pricing, Dial Dealers offers a diverse selection of luxury wrist watches, encompassing a range of iconic brands, models, and styles.


Have a client with a specific need or want to add diversity to your offerrings? Trust us to help bridge the gap!


For watch retailers and businesses seeking to liquidate their excess inventory or discontinued models, Dial Dealers provides hassle-free purchases and liquidation services. Our team of experts will assess the value of your inventory and offer fair prices, enabling you to optimize your stock and make room for new merchandise. 


At Dial Dealers, we offer top-notch servicing for luxury watches, conducted by skilled technicians with a deep understanding of horological craftsmanship. Additionally, our expert appraisals provide accurate assessments of the value and authenticity of luxury timepieces, giving our clients the confidence they need in their investments.


Dial Dealers

Bank of America Tower

50 N Laura St

Jacksonville, FL 32202


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